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LAST UPDATE 9th of May 2017

-CD -
ABHOMINE (usa) Larvae Offal Swine (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
AGATUS (gre.) The Eternalist (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
BEELZEBUD (sin.) Beelzebud (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 7 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Forna Sederna (Del.II) (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Dunkla Herrarna (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Forna Sederna (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BESTIAL WARLUST (aus.) Storming Bestial Legions (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
DYSEMBLEM (gre.) Strength Of Giants (Self-release) 8 euros
FORMLESS DEVOTION (south africa) Heraldic Ceremonial Mass Obliteration (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 8 euros
GNIPAHALAN (swe.) Gnipahalan (Purity Through Fire) 13 euros
GORGON (fra.) The Lady Rides A Black Horse (Todestrieb) 7 euros
INQUISITION (usa) Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (Season Of Mist) 12 euros
ISENSCUR (uk) Monapfylen (Maleficentissimus Triumphatus) 8 euros
KERASPHORUS (usa) Kerasphorus (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
NECROPHOBIC (swe.) Spawned By Evil (Hammerheart) 10 euros
PERDITION TEMPLE (usa) The Tempter's Victorious (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
PROFANATICA (usa) The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
PURITAS VIRGINUM (fra.) Decenie De Souffrance (Kultur Terror Resistance) 7 euros
SERPENTS ATHIRST (sri lanka) Sparks Of Separation (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 9 euros
V/A ABAZAGORATH (usa) / BLOODSTORM (usa) Ancient Entities Arise (Elegy Records) 8 euros
V/A DEATHCRAFT (spa.) / UNSALVATION (fin.) Psalms Of Chaotic Darkness (Elegy Records) 8 euros
VIDR (nor.) Hedensk Skikk Og Tro (Demonhood Prod.) 8 euros
VOID MEDITATION CULT (usa) Utter The Tongue Of The Dead (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros

-LP -
GNIPAHALAN (swe.) I Blodets KampЕ (Purity Through Fire) 7'EP 10 euros




A.I.D.S. (usa) Syndrome of the End Approaching (Those Opposed Records) 10 euros
ABANDON (uk) Never-Ending Black Torrent of Death (Todestrieb Records) 9 euros
ABHOMINE (usa) Larvae Offal Swine (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
ABOMINATOR (aus.) Subversives For Lucifer (Osmose) 10 euros
ABOMINATOR (aus.) Evil Proclaimed (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
ABSURD (ger.) Facta Loquuntur (W.T.C.) 10 euros
AEVANGELIST (usa) Writhes In The Murk (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
ALCHEMYST (ger.) Nekromanteion (Iron Bonehead / Necroshrine) 10 euros
ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS (fra.) En To Pan Omegas (Funeral Industries) 11 euros
ANGELCORPSE (usa) Of Lucifer And Lighting (Osmose) 10 euros
ANTAEUS (fra.) Condemnation (NoEvDia) 13.5 euros
ANTIVERSUM (swi.) Total Vacuum (Invictus) 7 euros
APOCALYPSE COMMAND (usa) Abyss Fiend Of Darkness (Gospels Of Death Records) 7 euros
ARES KINGDOM (usa) Incendiary (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
ARES KINGDOM (usa) Return To Dust (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
ARMOUR (fin.) Armour (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
ASKEREGN (nor.) Monumenter (Terratur Possesions) 13 euros
ATANOR (rus.) Atanor (Sekt Ov Gnozis) 9 euros
ATOMIC AGRESSOR (chi.) Rise Of The Ancient Ones (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
ATOMICIDE (chi.) Chaos Abomination (Dybbuk) 7 euros
ATOMIZER (aus.) Songs Of Slaughter - Songs Of Sacrifice (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
AVE MARIA (ger.) Chapter I (Ahdistuksen Aiho) 10 euros
AVZHIA (mex.) Immense Dark Sky (Guttural Records) 11 euros
BAPTISM (fin.) The Devil's Fire (Season Of Mist) 13 euros
BARBATOS (jap.) Live At Factory (Deathrash Armageddon) 9 euros
BEELZEBUD (sin.) Beelzebud (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 7 euros
BEHEMOTH (pol.) The Return Of The Northern Moon (Witching Hour) 13 euros
BEHEMOTH (pol.) From The Pagan Vastlands (Witching Hour) 13 euros
BEHERIT (fin.) At The Devil's Studio 1990 (KVLT) 12 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) Dauthuz (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Dunklas Aterkomst (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Glomdas Ursjalar (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Forna Sederna (Del.II) (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Dunkla Herrarna (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKETH NEXEHMU (swe.) De Forna Sederna (Purity Through Fire) 11 euros
BEKHIRA (fra.) Demo 1996 (Darker Than Black) 8 euros
BELIAL (fin.) Wisdom Of Darkness (Funeral Industries) 11 euros
BELIAL (fin.) Never Again (Funeral Industries) 11 euros
BESATT (pol.) Tempus Apocalypsis (Witching Hour) 9 euros
BESTIAL SUMMONING (hol.) The Dark War Has Begun (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 11 euros
BESTIAL WARLUST (aus.) Storming Bestial Legions (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
BEYOND (ger.) Fatal Power Of Death (Iron Bonehead / Necroshrine) 10 euros
BLACK DRAUGWATH (BLACKDEATH) (rus.) The True Bottomless Armageddon (Heiden's Hart) 10 euros
BLACK MASS (usa) To Fly With Demons (Elegy Records) 8 euros
BLACK WITCHERY (usa) Upheaval Of Satanic Might (Red Stream) 10 euros
BLACK WITCHERY (usa) Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
BLACKDEATH (rus.) Phobos (Heiden's Hart) 10 euros
BLACKDEATH (rus.) Totentanz (Hammer Of Damnation / Heidens Hart) 10 euros
BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT (ita.) Ancient Insignitas (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 8 euros
BLAZE OF PERDITION (pol.) Towards The Blaze Of Perdition (Putrid Prophet Prod.) 10 euros
BLOOD RED FOG (fin.) Radiating Desolation (Ahdistuksen Aihio) 10 euros
BLOOD REVOLT (can.) Indoctrine (Invictus) 10 euros
BLOODHAMMER (fin.) Post-apocalypse Trilogy (Primitive Reaction) 10 euros
BLOODLINE (swe.) Hate Procession (Blut & Eisen) 11 euros
BLOODY SIGN (fra.) Chaos Echoes (Blood Harvest) 10 euros
BOLZER (swi.) Aura (Iron Bonehead / Necroshrine) 8 euros
CATACOMBS (usa) Echoes Through The Catacombs (Solitude Prod.) 6 euros
CELESTIA (fra.) Delhys-catess (Aphelion Prod.) 8 euros
CEREKLOTH (den.) In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (fin.) New Golgotha Rising (Northern Heritage) 12 euros
COLDNESS (por.) Poisoned Gift (Goatowarex) 9 euros
CRAFT (swe.) Total Soul Rape (Unexploded Records) 10 euros
CRAFT (swe.) Terror Propaganda (Unexploded Records) 10 euros
CRYFEMAL (por.) Escucha A Los Muertos (Regimental Records) 8 euros
CRYFEMAL (por.) Perpetua Funebre Gloria (Oniric Rec.) 8 euros
CSSABA (pol.) Toxic CSSABA (Fog Of The Apocalypse / Putrid Prophet Prod.) 8 euros
CULTES DES GHOULES (pol.) The Rise Of Lucifer (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 8 euros
CULTES DES GHOULES (pol.) Spectres Over Transylvania (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 9 euros
CYBER BAPHOMET (rus) Directoy. Human. Delete (Nomos Dei) 6 euros
DAMNATION (can.) Speed Anarchy (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
DAMONENBLUT (ger.) Das Tor Zur Holle (Breath Of Pestilence) 8 euros
DARK OPUS (fra.) Ignominious Fundamentalis (Battlesk'rs) 9 euros
DARK SONORITY (nor.) Kaosrekviem (Terratur Possesions) 9 euros
DARVULIA (fra.) Belladone (Battlesk'rs) 7 euros
DARVULIA (fra.) L'Ombre Malicieuse (Battlesk'rs) 10 euros
DEADMASK (spa.) Under Luciferian Wings (Psychodoomelic) 9 euros
DEAKON (rus.) Demo(ns) (Assault/The Howl) 9 euros
DEATH KARMA (cze.) The History of Death & Burial Rituals pt. I (Iron Bonehead / Necroshrine) 12 euros
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Jak Zabija Diabel (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 9 euros
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Krete Drogi (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 9 euros
DEATH YELL (chi.) Morbid Rites (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
DEATHMOOR (rus.) Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni (Nomos Dei) 6 euros
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Kenose (NoEvDia) 13 euros
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Paracletus (NoEvDia) 13 euros
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) The Synarchy Of Molten Bones (NoEvDia) 13 euros
DECAYED (por.) ShadowLand (Universal Tongue) 8 euros
DECAYED (por.) Resurrectionem Mortuorum (Aphelion Prod.) 7 euros
DEIPHAGO (phi.) Satan Alpha Omega (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
DEMONCY (usa) Joined In Darkness (Forever Plagued) 12 euros
DEMONCY (usa) Enthroned Is The Night (Forever Plagued) 12 euros
DEMONOMANCY (spa.) Supremacy Through Intolerance (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 8 euros
DETHRONED CHRIST (bra.) Roots Of Ancient Evil (Hammer Of Damnation) 7 euros
DETHRONED CHRIST (bra.) Only Death Shall Remain The World (Hammer Of Damnation) 7 euros
DIAPSIQUIR (fra.) Virus STN (Necrocosm) 10 euros
DIAPSIQUIR (fra.) L.S.D. (Necrocosm) 10 euros
DIAPSIQUIR (fra.) A.N.T.I. (Necrocosm) 10 euros
DIE HARD (swe.) Evil Always Return (Abyss Records) 8 euros
DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS (hol.) Architecture Of Realtimes (DWP) 9 euros
DISFORTERROR (bra.) Impalement And Holocaust Stench (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
DISJECTA MEMBRAE (fra.) Taedium Vitae (Black Mass Records) 9 euros
DODSENGEL (nor.) Alongside Choronzon & Ecstatic Horror (Canonical Hours) 11 euros
DOMAINS (spa.) Towards Pleroma (Black Mass Records) 9 euros
DOMAINS (spa.) Sinister Ceremonies (The Sinister Flame) 9 euros
DOODSDREK (bel.) Doodsdrek (Those Opposed Records) 9 euros
DOOMBRINGER (pol.) The Grand Sabbath (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
DROWNED (ger.) Idola Specus (Sepulchral Voice) 12 euros
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus.) Oceans Of Eternity (Darker Than Black) 8 euros
DYSEMBLEM (gre.) Strength Of Giants (Self-release) 8 euros
EMBRACE OF THORNS (gre.) Prevalence - A Decade Of Atomic Genocide (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 9 euros
EVIL (bra.) ЕTo The Fallen And Free (Hammer Of Damnation) 8 euros
EVIL (bra.) Ashes Of Old (Hammer Of Damnation) 8 euros
EVOKED CURSE (fin.) Merciless Revenge (Time Before Time Records) 8 euros
EVOKEN (usa) Embrace The Emptiness (Elegy Records) 9 euros
EXCESSUM (swe.) Death Redemption (Deathstrike Rec.) 9 euros
EXEKRATOR (den.) Ordo Bestiae (Bestial Burst Prod.) 8 euros
EXTINCTION (uk) Down Below The Fog (Todestrieb Rec.) 7 euros
FIELDS OF MILDEV (ger.) Fields Of Mildew (Death Knell Prod.) 8 euros
FORCE OF DARKNESS (chi.) Darkness Revelation (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
FORCE OF DARKNESS (chi.) Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
FORMLESS DEVOTION (south africa) Heraldic Ceremonial Mass Obliteration (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 8 euros
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (ita.) Another Face Of Hell (Aphelion Prod.) 10 euros
FROZEN EMPIRE (rus.) Deviant (Hymns Of Apocalypse) 9 euros
FUNERAL GOAT (hol.) Mass Ov Perversion (DWP) 11 euros
FUNERAL WINDS (hol.) Godslayer XUL (Daimonion) 12 euros
FUNEREAL MOON (mex.) Luciferian Symphonis Of Destruction (10 years of audio Blasphemia) (Winterreich Prod.) 8 euros
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (usa) The Archer Takes Aim (Sepulchral Voice) 10 euros
GOATLORD (usa) The Last Sodomy Of Mary (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
GOATLORD (usa) Sodomize The Goat (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
GOATLORD (usa) Demo 1987 / Rehearsal 1988 (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
GOATLORD (usa) Reflections Of The Solstice (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
GOATPENIS (bra.) hTaeD no tabbaS (Hammer Of Damnation) 10 euros
GODKILLER (mon.) Burn The White Kingdom (Burznazg Prod.) 7 euros
GOMORRAH (usa) Gomorrah (Elegy Records) 8 euros
GORGON (fra.) The Lady Rides A Black Horse (Todestrieb) 8 euros
GRA (swe.) Necrology Of The Witch (Unexploded Records) 8 euros
GRAV (swe.) Mental Illvilja (Elegy Records) 9 euros
GRAVEYARD (spa.) One With The Dead (Blackseed Prod.) 9 euros
GRIMA MORSTUA (arg.) Finis Coronat Opvs (Hammer Of Damnation) 10 euros
GRIMA MORSTUA (arg.) Magnam Mortem Transcendere (Hammer Of Damnation) 10 euros
HADES ARCHER (chi.) The Curse Over Mankind (Holycaust Rec.) 10 euros
HANGED GHOST (por.) Knowledge Of The Occult (Universal Tongue) 8 euros
HATE FOREST (ukr.) To Twilight Thickets (Elegy Records) 8 euros
HAVOHEJ (usa) Dethrone The Son Of God (Hell's Headbangers) 11 euros
HAXENZIJRKELL (ger.) Des Lasters Der Zauberey (Amor Fati) 8 euros
HEREM (fin.) Pulsa diNura (Rusty Crowbar Records) 8 euros
HERETIC (hol.) Black Metal Holocaust (Kneel Before The Master Throne) 10 euros
HIC IACET (spa.) The Cosmic Trance Into The Void (Iron Bonehead / Necroshrine) 12 euros
HIEROPHANT (usa) The Tome (Solitude Prod.) 6 euros
HOLOCAUSTIA (swe.) The Sacrament Seed (Unholy Horde) 8 euros
HORNA (fin.) Aania Yossa (Debemur Morti) 11 euros
ICONOCLASM (bel.) Iconoclastic Warfare (Lugburz Prod.) 8 euros
IGNIVOMOUS (aus.) Death Transmutation (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
IMPIOUS HAVOC (ger.) Infidels (Aphelion Prod.) 8 euros
IMPIOUS HAVOC (ger.) Dawn Of Nothing (Aphelion Prod.) 8 euros
INFINITY (hol.) Non De Hac Terra (New Era Prod.) 10 euros
INQUISITION (usa) Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
INQUISITION (usa) Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
INQUISITION (usa) Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (Season Of Mist) 12 euros
INSULT (swe.) Abysmal Incantations (DWP) 9 euros
IPERYT (pol.) No state Of Grace (Witching Hour) 9 euros
IRKALLIAN ORACLE (swe.) Grave Ekstasis (Nuclear War Now!) 11 euros
IRON LAMB (swe.) Fool's Gold (Dybbuk) 7 euros
ISENSCUR (uk) Monapfylen (Maleficentissimus Triumphatus) 8 euros
KARNA (rus.) Raven (Eternal Pride Prod. / Possession Prod.) 6 euros
KATECHON (nor.) Coronation (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
KATECHON (nor.) Man God Giant (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
KERASPHORUS (usa) Kerasphorus (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
KETZER (ger.) Satan's Boundaries Unchained (Necroshrine Records) 10 euros
KILL (swe.) Necrofiles (Dybbuk) 6 euros
KILL (swe.) Great Death (Amor Fati) 12 euros
KOHORT (pol.) Christian Masquerade (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 9 euros
KRATORNAS (phi.) The Corroding Age Of Wounds (Kneel Before The Master's Throne) 8 euros
KRIEG (usa) Patrick Bateman (Inferna Profundis) 8 euros
KRIEGSMASCHINE (pol.) A Thousand Voices (Malignant Voices) 8 euros
KRIEGSMASCHINE (pol.) Altered States Of Divinity (No Solace) 11 euros
KRIEGSMASCHINE (pol.) Prism: Archive 2002-2004 (No Solace) 11 euros
KROHM (usa) A World Through Dead Eyes (Unexploded Records) 7 euros
KRUMKACH (blr.) Black Visions Of Hatred (Nomos Dei) 7 euros
KULTO MALDITO (bol.) Jodete Jesus (Nomos Dei) 10 euros
LEATHER NUN (usa) Absence Of Light (Psychodoomelic) 8 euros
LEGACY OF BLOOD (pol.) Tyran Horroru Cial (Societas Oculorum Arcanorum) 9 euros
LIKBLEK (swe.) Likblek (DWP) 10 euros
LINDISFARNE (rus.) Vatican Bitches (Horned Tomb.) 7 euros
LINDISFARNE (rus.) Nameless (Horned Tomb.) 7 euros
LVTHN (bel.) The Grand Uncreation (Amor Fati) 10 euros
LORD OF DOUBTS (rus.) The Gates Of Doom (Sekt Ov Gnozis) 6 euros
LORD OF DOUBTS (rus.) Into The Occult (Sekt Ov Gnozis) 10 euros
LYRINX (uk) Nihilistic Purity (Those Opposed Records) 9 euros
MALHKEBRE (fra.) Prostration (Ahdistuksen Aihio) 9 euros
MALTHUSIAN (ire.) Below The Hengiform (Invictus) 7 euros
MALVEILANCE (can.) Just Fuck Off (Suffering jesus Prod.) 7 euros
MATRICIDE (swe.) Holy Virgin (Unholy Horde) 8 euros
MAVETH (fin.) Coils Of The Black Earth (Dark Descent) 11 euros
MEDICO PESTE (pol.) Graviora Manent (Malignant Voices) 7 euros
MEFITIC (ita.) Woes Of Mortal Devotion (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
MENEGROTH (swi.) Gazourmah (Darker Than Black) 8 euros
METI BHUVAH (rus.) II (The Howl) 8 euros
MGLA (pol.) Mdlosci / Futrher Down The Nest (Northern Heritage) 12 euros
MGLA (pol.) Presence (Northern Heritage) 12 euros
MGLA (pol.) Groza (Northern Heritage / No Solace) 11 euros
MGLA (pol.) With Hearts Towards None (Northern Heritage / No Solace) 11 euros
MGLA (pol.) Exercises In Futility (Northern Heritage) 12 euros
MISANTHROPIC ART (rus.) Black Spring (Nomos Dei) 8 euros
MORBID SCREAM (usa) The Signal To Attack: 1986-1990 (Holycaust Rec.) 8 euros
MORBOSIDAD (usa) Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
MORBOSIDAD (usa) Muerte De Cristo En Golgota (Nuclear War Now!) 11 euros
MORDHELL (pol.) Cut Yourself And Die! (Fallen Angel) 8 euros
MYSTICUM (nor.) Demons Never Sleeps (Bootleg) 8 euros
NECROBLOOD (fra.) The Rite Of Evil (Amor Fati Prod.) 9 euros
NECROMASS (ita.) Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana (Funeral Industries) 11 euros
NECROMASS (ita.) Abyss Calls Life (Funeral Industries) 11 euros
NECROPLASMA (swe.) Sit Gloria Domini In Saecvlvm (Die Todesrune Records) 10 euros
NECROS CHRISTOS (ger.) Nine Graves (Sepulchral Voice) 10 euros
NECROSTENCH (rus.) Abyss Falling Cross (Thou Shalt Kill!) 7 euros
NIDHOGG (nor.) Nidhogg (Aphelion Prod.) 10 euros
NIDHOGGR (swe.) Ragnarok (Craneo Negro) 8 euros
NIHASA (gre.) Brahamanda Xul Grimoire (Nihilward) 8 euros
NIHIL KHAOS (tur.) Noxkult (Death Knell Prod.) 8 euros
NIVATHE (usa) Enveloped In A Diseased Abyss (Universal Tongue) 8 euros
NOCTURNAL AMENTIA (ukr.) Heg Regnum Meum Est (Hass Weg Prod.) 8 euros
NOCTURNAL BLOOD (usa) Abnormalities Prevail (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
NOCTURNAL BLOOD (usa) Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
NOCTURNAL FEAR (usa) The Fog Of War (Elegy Records) 8 euros
NOCTURNAL VOMIT (gre.) Divine Profanation (Kill Yourself Prod.) 9 euros
NORDOR (gre.) Honoris Causa (Under the Sign of Garazel / F.H.R.) 9 euros
NOX INFERI (aus) Adverse Spheres (Those Opposed Records) 9 euros
NUMINOUS (fin.) Numinous (Northern Heritage) 12 euros
NUNSLAUGHTER (usa) Satanslaughter (Universal Tongue) 8 euros
NUNSLAUGHTER (usa) Grehi Otza (Pestis Insaniae) 7 euros
OBEISANCE (usa) Satanic Fuck (Morbid Moon Rec.) 9 euros
OBEISANCE (usa) Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil (Black Seed Prod.) 9 euros
OBEISANCE (usa) Hellbent On Slaughter (Desastrious Records) 9 euros
OBSKURE TORTURE (den.) Spilling The Blood Of The World (Rotting Grave) 8 euros
OBSURE ANACHRONISM (aut.) Transcending Mundane Obstacles (Ahdistuksen Aiho) 9 euros
ODOR MORTIS (rus.) Coagula (T.S.K.!) 7 euros
OF DARKNESS (spa.) The Empty Eye / Death (Black Mass Records) 11 euros
OFERMOD (swe.) Mysterion Tes Anomias (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) 10 euros
OLD WAINDS (rus.) Where The Snows Are Never GoneЕ (Negative Existence) 10 euros
ORODRUIN (usa) Epicurean Mass (Psychodoomelic) 10 euros
OUROBOROS (can.) Spear Of Destiny (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 9 euros
PACTUM (bra.) Summa Imperii Satanae 666 (Hammer Of Damnation) 8 euros
PAGAN RITES (swe.) Hellcome Back To Earth (Morbid Metal Records / Atolinga Records) 8 euros
PANTHEON (usa) Vargstrike (Darker Than Black) 8 euros
PERDITION TEMPLE (usa) The Tempter's Victorious (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
PLAGA (pol.) Traby Zaglady / Triumfalny Taniec (Societas Oculorum Arcanorum) 9 euros
PLAGA (pol.) Pozeracze Slonc (Societas Oculorum Arcanorum) 9 euros
POGROM 1147 (pol.) Black Metal Complete (Suffering jesus Prod. / Old Temple Prod.) 7 euros
PORTRAIT (swe.) Portrait (Holycaust Rec.) 10 euros
POSSESSION RITUAL (ger.) Incense Of Opened Gates (Nihilward) 7 euros
PROCLAMATION (spa.) Advent Of The Black Omen (Nuclear War Now! / Ross Bay Cult) 12 euros
PROFANATICA (usa) Thy Kingdom Cum (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
PROFANE CREATION (col.) Prelude To The Dark Side (1991-1995) (Hammer Of Damnation) 9 euros
PROFANE CREATION (col.) Supremacy / Nema (Hammer Of Damnation) 9 euros
PROFUNDIS (pol.) Nokturn (Diachell Musik) 7 euros
PURITAS VIRGINUM (fra.) Decenie De Souffrance (Kultur Terror Resistance) 7 euros
PYRE (usa) Behold A Pale Horse (Black Blood Prod.) 8 euros
PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Sepulchral Chants (Sekt Ov Gnozis) 10 euros
REENCARNACION (col.) 888 Metal (Dark Desires Prod.) 10 euros
REINO ERMITANO (peru) Brujas Del Mar (Psychodoomelic) 8 euros
REPENT (ger.) Disciple Of Decline (Autopsy Stench Records) 8 euros
ROTTING HEAVEN (rus.) Apotheosis Of Apocalypse (Death Knell Prod.) 6 euros
ROTTING HEAVEN (rus.) For The Greater GloryЕ (Death Knell Prod.) 6 euros
RUIN (rus.) Stumps (Assault/The Howl) 7 euros
SADISTIK EXEKUTION (aus.) 30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
SARATH (nor.) Siste Indre (Terratur Possesions) 11 euros
SATURNIAN MIST (fin.) Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan (Ahdistuksen Aiho) 10 euros
SEGES FINDERE (bra.) Terroist Warfare (Darker Than Black) 8 euros
SEKTARISM (fra.) Le Son Des Stigmates (Zanjeer Zani) 12 euros
SEPULCHRAL AURA (fin.) Demonstrantional CD MMVII (Ahdistuksen Aiho) 8 euros
SERPENTS ATHIRST (sri lanka) Sparks Of Separation (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 9 euros
SHUB-NIGGURATH (mex.) Evilness And Darkness Prevails (Guttural Records) 10 euros
SKELETAL SPECTRE (swe.) Tomb Coven (Razorback Rec.) 9 euros
SLAEGT (den.) Beautiful And Damned (Necroshrine Records) 10 euros
SLIDHR (ire.) Spit Of The Apostate (Terratur Possesions) 12 euros
SOLI DIABOLI GLORIA (rus.) Soli Diaboli Gloria (The Howl) 8 euros
STURMFUHRER (usa) Eisenmutter (Elegy Records) 8 euros
SUBVERTIO DEUS (uk.) Psalms Of Perdition (Nachtgnozis / Exitium) 10 euros
SVARTSYN (swe.) Bloodline (Unexploded Records) 10 euros
SVARTSYN (swe.) Destruction Of Man (Unexploded Records) 10 euros
TAATSI (fin.) Olden Folk (Aphelion Prod.) 9 euros
TANVARNPENKV (rus.) Goatizm (Nomos Dei) 8 euros
TEITANBLOOD (spa.) Woven Black Arteries (NoEvDia) 10 euros
THE TRUE FROST (ger.) In Eternal Strife (W.T.C.) 9 euros
THE TRUE FROST (ger.) Shadows From The Past (W.T.C.) 9 euros
THOTH (pol.) From The Abyss Of Dungeons Of darkness (Elegy Records) 8 euros
THOU ART LORD (gre.) The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
THOU SHALT FALL (blr.) Flaming God (Nomos Dei) 6 euros
THOU SHALT FALL (blr.) Rejoice And Laugh, Doomed To Be Sacrificed (Nomos Dei) 8 euros
TROLLDOM (swe.) Av Gudablod Rod (Arcane Angels) 10 euros
TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA (hun.) Sign Of Moloch (Stygian Shadows) 8 euros
TYRANT'S BLOOD (can.) Tyrant's Blood (Morbid Moon) 9 euros
ULVDALIR (rus.) From The Tyrant's Grave (Cold Breath Of Silence) 8 euros
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL (gre.) Obsessed By War (Kill Yourself Prod.) 9 euros
URN (fin.) 666 Megatons (No Sign Of Life) 11 euros
V/A ABAZAGORATH (usa) / BLOODSTORM (usa) Ancient Entities Arise (Elegy Records) 8 euros
V/A ABSURD (ger.) / GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (usa) / SIGRBLOT (swe.) Weltenfeind (W.T.C.) 10 euros
V/A ACHERONTAS (gre.) / NIGHTBRINGER (usa) The Ruins Of Edom (Dybbuk) 8 euros
V/A ALTAR OF PERVERSION (ita.) / MORDAEHOTH (hol.) / DER BLUTHARSCH (aut.) Tributo A Der Blutharsch (New Era Prod.) 8 euros
V/A APHOOM ZHAH (blr.) / SMIERCIESLAU (blr.) Eternal Pain / Biessmjarotny Czorny Mietal (Tribulation Prod./Possession Prod.) 7 euros
V/A BLOODHAMMER (fin.) / RIDE FOR REVENGE (fin.) Chords Of The Left Hand (KVLT) 9 euros
V/A DEATHCRAFT (spa.) / UNSALVATION (fin.) Psalms Of Chaotic Darkness (Elegy Records) 8 euros
V/A DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (chi.) / SWARM OF TERROR (chi.) Embrace The Advance Of Victory (Apocalyptic Prod.) 10 euros
V/A DOOMGUARD (rus.) / BEYOND YE GRAVE (rus.) Ave Satan Morituri Te Salutant (Cold Breath Of Silence) 7 euros
V/A DOOMSDAY CULT (rus.) / SEGES FINDERE (fra.) Warmongers Of The Doomsday Cult (Assault/The Howl) 7 euros
V/A DUSK (pakistan) / DYING EMBRACE (india) Through Corridors Of Dead Centuries (Cyclopean Eye Prod.) 9 euros
V/A GRIMORIA (fra.) / IRAVEN (fra.) Winds Of Chaos / From The Grave Come The Storms (Mono-Emotional Records) 7 euros
V/A INFERNAL WAR (pol.) / KRIEGSMASCHINE (pol.) Transfigurations (Malignant Voices) 10 euros
V/A KARNA (rus.) / VELEHENTOR (rus.) Era Of Cold Hearts / The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later (Nomos Dei) 8 euros
V/A KILL (swe.) / THORNSPAWN (usa) United In Hell's Fire (Morbid Metal Records) 9 euros
V/A LDRTFS (aus.) / MIGUEL PRADO (spa.) Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi (Black Mass Records) 9 euros
V/A LYRINX (usa) / ELYSIAN BLAZE (aus.) / D.O.R. (por.) Universal Absence (Insidious Poisoning Records) 8 euros
V/A NOCTURNAL GRAVES (aus.) / HELL SPIRIT (fin.) The Gravespirit Sessions (Nuclear War Now!) 9 euros
V/A PYRE (rus.) / ENTRAPMENT (hol.) Pyre / Enthrapment (Grotesque Sounds) 5 euros
V/A SELBSTMORD (pol.) / LEGACY OF BLOOD (pol.) Selbstmord / Legacy Of Blood (Blasphemous Division) 8 euros
V/A TETRAGRAMMACIDE (india) / INFERNAL SACRAMENT (usa) / LORD OF DEPRESSION (usa) Atomic Regurgitation From The Three Mouths Of Humanicidal Hate (Behold Barbarity) 10 euros
V/A THE MOON'S MISTRESS (rus.) / SNAKERIDER (ukr.) Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands (Pestis Insaniae) 7 euros
V/A THRONEUM (pol.) / LEICHENGOTT (pol.) Trupi Jad (Societas Oculorum Arcanorum) 9 euros
VICTIMIZER (den.) Resurrected Abominations (Hell's Headbangers) 9 euros
VICTIMIZER (den.) The Final Assault (Hell's Headbangers) 9 euros
VITHR (nor.) Hedensk Skikk Og Tro (Demonhood Prod.) 8 euros
VOID MEDITATION CULT (usa) Utter The Tongue Of The Dead (Hells Headbangers) 10 euros
VOLAHN (usa) Aq'ab'al (Ajna Offensive / Iron Bonehead) 10 euros
VOMITOR (aus.) The Escalation (Hell's Headbangers) 10 euros
VORTEX OF THE END (fra.) I.S.A.P.W.T. (Ars Funebra) 8 euros
VULTURINE (bra.) Ossos... Odio & Angustia (Nomos Dei) 6 euros
VULTURINE (bra.) A Mais Escura Noite (Nomos Dei) 8 euros
VULTURINE (bra.) Tentaculos Da Aberracao (Hammer Of Damnation) 9 euros
VULTURINE (bra.) As A Razor Crushing Your Life (Hammer Of Damnation) 9 euros
WARLOGHE (fin.) Dark Ages Return (Northern Heritage) 13 euros
WEDERGANGER (hol.) Gelderse Drek (Heiden's Hart) 7 euros
WELTMACHT (usa) The Call Of Batlle (Lower Silesian Stronghold) 8 euros
WHITE MEDAL (uk) Guthmehrs Hahl (Aphelion Prod.) 8 euros
WITCHBURNER (ger.) Blood Of Witches (Evilspell Records) 8 euros
WOLF'S SOURCE (rus.) Remission Of Spirit (Ridge Ov Dragon) 6 euros
WRATHPRAYER (chi.) The Sun Of Moloch (Nuclear War Now!) 10 euros
XANTOTOL (pol.) Thus Spake Zaratustra (Witching Hour) 9 euros
ZAVORASH (swe.) Nihilistic Ascension And Spiritual Death (Total Holocaust Records) 9 euros
«ј“≈ћЌќ (rus.) ¬о ѕрах (Death Knell Prod.) 6 euros
ћќ– (rus.)  ровь (Assault) 8 euros



21:37 (pol.) Cannibal Christ (Baleful Benediction) 5 euro
ABOLISH (bra.) Give Me Power Through Blasphemy (Beatiful Lands Records) 5 euro
AOSOTH (fra.) III (Ritval Death Offerings) 6 euro
ARROGANCE (usa) Carpet Bomb Reality (Hooded In Oil) 5 euros
BEMDESAR (bol.) Salve Por Siempre Satanas!!! (Intifernal Records) 5 euro
BESTIAL SUMMONING (hol.) Live In Venray ' 1992 (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 5 euro
BURNING WINDS (usa) Sadistic Desecration (Demo) (Necromantic Prod.) 6 euro
DEUS INFERI (n/a) Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 5 euro
DISASTER (chi.) Criaturas Del Mal (Kurivalu Prod.) 5 euro
DOOMBRINGER (pol.) Ancient Abominations (Arcula Mystica) 6 euros
ENCOFFINCATION (usa) Ritual Ascnesion Beyond Flesh (Ritval Death Offerings) 6 euro
ERODED (ita.) Test The Grace Infliction (Beyond The Threshold) 6 euro
EVILWINGED (rus.) Crush The human Factor (Osolon Prod.) 5 euro
FORGOT (rus.) Misanthropy (Demo) (Osolon Prod.) 5 euro
FORGOT (rus.) Sic Luceat Lux (Osolon Prod.) 5 euro
GOSFORTH (ita.) ЕGod Failed (Black Blood Prod.) 5 euro
INFERNO (cze.) Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 (Ravenheart Prod.) 5 euro
KAOSOPHIA (ukr.) Towards The End (Self-Release) 5 euro
LORD OF DOUBTS (rus.) Into The Occult (Lvx MorgenStern) 6 euro
MORBID YELL (spa.) Reclics Of The Morbid (Grave Ritual Prod.) 5 euro
MORBOSIDAD (aus.) Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno (Morbid Metal) 6 euros
NAHUAL (peru) Mysteriis Of The Cosmic Serpent (Guerreros De La Morte Records) 5 euro
NEXWOMB (usa) Militant Heretic Aggression (Baleful Benediction) 5 euro
NOKTURNAL (chi.) Under The Unholy Black Ritual (Diabolous Prod.) 5 euro
PRAISE THE FLAME (chi.) Manifest Rebellion (Penitenziagite Rec.) 5 euros
TARTARUS (thai.) Satan Blood (Self-Release) 5 euro
TCHERNOBLYAD (rus.) Love (Osolon Prod.) 5 euro
V/A DOOMBRINGER (pol.) / GOAT TYRANT (pol.) The Darkside's Calling Into The Crypts Of Oblivion (Arcula Mystica) 6 euros
V/A KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (spa.) / MORBID YELL (spa.) The Black Legions March over the Killing Fields / Self Destruction Ritual (Grave Ritual Prod.) 5 euro
WOLFTHORN (ger.) Towards Ipsissimus (Tanhu Records) 5 euro



BLASPHEMY (can.) Fallen Angel Of Doom (Nuclear War Now! / Ross Bay Cult) 12'LP 20 euros
BLAZE OF PERDITION (pol.) Necrosophist (Pagan Records) 7'EP 9 euros
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED (nor.) Serpent's Kiss (Terratur Possesions) 7'EP 7 euros
CORNIGR (fin.) Funereal Harvest (Terratur Possessions) 12'LP 19 euros
CREMATION (can.) Black Death Cult (Nuclear War Now!) 12'LP 15 euros
DAEMONLORD (spa.) The End Of The Era (Ketzter Prod.) 12'LP 13 euros
DARVAZA (ita.) The Downward Descent (Terratur Possessions) 12'LP 19 euros
DEAD CONGREGATION (gre.) Promulgation Of The Fall (NoEvDia) 12'LP 16 euros
DEATH LIKE MASS (pol.) Krete Drogi (Under The Sign Of Garazel) 12'LP 16 euros
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Manifestations 2000-2001 (End All Life) 12'LP 16 euros
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (fra.) Manifestations 2002 (End All Life) 12'LP 16 euros
DEVOURING STAR (fin.) Devouring Star (Daemon Worship) 7'EP 9 euros
DISSIPATION (usa) D.S.W. (Satanic Skinhead Propaganda) 7'EP 7 euros
DODSENGEL (nor.) Mirium Occultum (Terratur Possessions) 2*12'LP 21 euros
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (usa) The Archer Takes Aim (Sepulchral Voice) 12'LP 13 euros
GRAVE MIASMA (uk) Odori Sepulcrorum (Sepulchral Voice) 2*12'LP 20 euros
ILL OMEN (aus.) AE.Thy. Rift. (Nuclear War Now!) 12'LP 20 euros
IBEX ANGEL ORDER (hol.) I (Daemon Worship) 12'LP 21 euros
INFRA (por.) Initiation On The Ordeals Of Lower Vibrations (Nuclear War Now!) 7'EP 7 euros
IRKALLIAN ORACLE (swe.) Apollyon (Nuclear War Now!) 2*12'LP 24 euros
KATHARSIS (ger.) Kruzifixxion (NoEvDia) 12'LP 16 euros
MALIGN (swe.) A Sun To Scorch (NoEvDia) 10'LP 12 euros
MALUM IN SE (pol.) ЕOf Death ЕOf Lurid SoulЕ (Fallen Temple) 7'EP 7 euros
MANTAK (mal.) Diabolical Psycholust (Chalice Of Blood Angel) 12'LP 14 euros
NECROS CHRISTOS (ger.) Nine Graves (Sepulchral Voice) 12'LP 14 euros
RECRUCIFY (peru) Awakening Of The Satan's Kommand (Alucard) 7'EP 5 euros
SACRIFICIO (spa.) Sacrificio (Nuclear War Now!) 12'LP 14 euros
SVARTIDAUDI (ice.) Hideous Silhouettes Of Lynched Gods (Terratur Possessions) 7'EP 10 euros
S.V.E.S.T.(fra.) Coagula (EAL) 12'LP 17.5 euros
TEITANBLOOD (spa.) Accursed Skin (NoEvDia) 12'LP 15 euros
THORNS (nor.) Stigma Diabolicum (Kyrck Prod.) 12'LP 21 euros
V/A HERETIC (hol.) / BESTIAL SUMMONING (hol.) Splitting Skulls For Satan (Deathstrike Records) 12'LP 14 euros
V/A ISRATHOUM (swe.) / CHALICE OF BLOOD (swe.) Ascetic Temples / Sacrament Of Death (Daemon Worship) 7'EP 9 euros
V/A NECRO (ita.) / UNCREATION (ita.) Trapped into (Self)Destruction (War Command Prod.) 7'EP 6 euros
V/A VASAELETH (usa) / VORUM (fin.) Profane Limbs Of Ruinous Death (Negative Existence) 7'EP 6 euros
VILKATES (ger.) Angeldust And Blasphemy (Christhunt Prod.) pic12'LP 14 euros
VORUM (fin.) Current Mouth (Sepulchral Voice) 12'LP 13 euros
WRATHPRAYER (chi.) The Sun Of Moloch (Nuclear War Now!) 12'LP 17 euros




FALSE PROPHET (by TEMPEL OV BLOOD) Internal Journal Of The TOB Issue 2
An illustrated guide for the curious. Reprinted, completely revised and limited repress of the original Hinterlands Nexion publication which was limited to 11 bloodstained copies. Softcover booklet. 34 A4 pages.) 6 euros




INKISITOR (fra.) Symbol patch - 5 euro
(triangle symbol patch)

NECROS CHRISTOS (ger.) Logo/Symbols Patch 5 euro
(white logo, 14,5*5,5)

NIHIL NOCTURNE (ger.) Logo Patch 5 euro
(white logo, 6,5*8,5)

PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Iron Darkness Necromancy (Sekt Ov Gnozis) T-SHIRT 15 euros
(Huge white print on black t-shirts, Gildan Heavy Cotton, sizes: S,L,XL,XXL)

PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Logo F.Leather Back Patch (Nuclear War Now!) PATCH 15 euros
(Huge faux leather back patch, 22*30 cm.)

PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Reaper - US tour 2015 (Sekt Ov Gnozis) T-SHIRT 15 euros
(Huge A2 red print on black cotton, sizes: XL, XXL)

PSEUDOGOD (rus.) Raging Death's Scythe (Sekt Ov Gnozis) T-SHIRT 15 euros
(Huge A2 print on black cotton, sizes: XXL)

SACROCURSE (usa) Logo Patch 5 euro
(red logo, 11*6)



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